Manual harvest is from mid-September to early October. The whites are harvested one week before the red.

Vinification of white wines:
  • Crushing, maceration and pressing.
  • Barrel fermentation in a cool cellar for 70% of production, and in stainless steel tanks for the remaining 30%.

Vinification of red wines:
  • Strict control of ripeness.
  • Braquet and Grenache are vinified separately and a week before the "Folle noire" and Cinsault.
  • "Erafflage" and sorting of the grapes according to the state of the harvest.
  • Long fermentation (up to 3 weeks) for maximum extraction.
  • After malolactic fermentation the wine is in oak barrels (15 months minimum).
  • The bottling is done only to the property.

Wine rosé wines:
  • Grapes: 80% Braquet, 15% Rolle, 5% Cinsault.
  • Pressing and 5% of bleeding.
  • Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with mastery of the temperature.
  • The rosé, with rich aroma, is available during March, after the approval.

The pickers pick the grapesThe érafleuse separates the berries from the stalk
The wort ferments in tank

The wine ages in barrels.
Its development is closely monitored!
The wine is bottled
It only remains to drink ...
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