Foreword by John Verge Book of J-J. Ninon: The Bellet wine yesterday and today:

Choose to drink these sunny wines young, stone and strong aroma plants, they are the further East Provence wines. The whites are distinguished by their yellow and lime scent of flowers, grapefruit and apricot long present in the mouth.

The rosé, slightly saffron shades are bright in color and leave a taste of red fruits.

In contrast, red deserve aging reveal tannins already fused with amplitude notes a little advanced toast and prunes, a good balance in the mouth.

I would not hesitate to drink a few gulps of free white served fresh with beautiful slices of toasted country bread, spread with anchovy and olive tapenade or some crunchy fresh vegetables and rich heritage of this beautiful futures. For red, I 'll throw my heart on a rabbit stew cooked in the same wine that will accompany then. Above all, do not spare the fresh thyme so abundant on the hills of Bellet!

Let's round these rosé wines served along with fresh "ganses" and a fruit salad soaked in wine.

Let the gentle caressing of these scents excite your taste buds discover the sensual tenderness of wine from the meeting as dishes, preferably of the same soil. This is the success of a great time, a great deal, a moment of happiness ... This is how we live in this beautiful country of Nice, at Bellet.

Sourgentin journal of October 1998

Qualities ...
  • The White Wines: has a deep, sparkling and bright color that will not tarnish over time. Characterized by nose of pear and white flower with light touches of flint, which are wines sappy and fat that age beautifully and can give bottles exception nose with toasted almonds and quince, and length amazing mouth.

  • Rosé Wines: when made from "braquet", have nice soft colors with soft golden highlights. Their delicate bouquet in rosé and wild rosehip and blends harmoniously with the flexibility and sensitivity of these sappy and very drinkable wines.

  • Red Wines: have an intense ruby color with shades. The gear ratio and "Folle noire" give them powerful aromas of wild rose, with hints of spice and pepper, even if they are high pine barrels. In a rare delicacy, it perfectly age with noble and varied candied fruit bouquets. They are excellent wines for aging and are worthy of the best wines.

Advice tasting...
  • Whites, dry and fruity wine can be served cool but not beaten, as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to fish. To be tested on Bagna cauda.

  • The rosé wines, summer and sun wine, have to be drinked at a temperature of 10-11 °C. They accompany every meal kitchen Nice country, and more particularly estocafic.

  • Red wines can be served cool (15-16 °C.) when they are young, and chambered when they reach full maturity. They go perfectly with the tasty meat or mild sauce and small game birds. It is also enjoying with cheeses such as "Tomme de Roquebilière".
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